UNAOC Forum – Brazil 2010

GDF forms partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilizations

UN AoC Forum, Rio

31 May 2010

Press Release

31 May 2010 – In conjunction with Deloitte, British Council and Vivendi, Global Dialogue Foundation partnered with the Alliance of Civilizations for the 2010 edition of the Marketplace of Ideas.

The winners: Akili Dada, World Faith, EMAJ, Forgotten Diaries, Jejak Petjinan, Peace Camp, Random Kid, Traveling Peace Academy (URI), Three Faiths Forum.

The objective of the Marketplace is twofold: to support innovative and outstanding grassroots projects that contribute to mutual understanding and cooperation among diverse communities and cultures; to mitigate cultural tensions that could otherwise lead to conflict.

The aims of the Marketplace are to provide a platform to connect innovative initiatives to media, policy makers and foundations in order to help them to replicate and scale up and to achieve greater impact.

Global Dialogue Foundation wishes to congratulate all winners.

For more information, please contact Global Dialogue Foundation via email, info@globaldialoguefoundatio.org or visit website, http://www.globaldialoguefoundation.org/

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