Isaac Mutashi

Executive Director

Country: Kenya

Organisation: Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF)

2010 – Present: Founder & Executive Director.
2007 – Present: Humanity for orphan’s widow initiative in Kenya (HOYWIK) Volunteer Associate Director.

2008 – Present: Handweavers Guild of East Africa: Project Manager.

2013 – Present: Founding member of Kenya civil societies Non motorist (NMT) under UNEP-Kenya.

2010 – Date Executive Director, Kenya Road safety ambassador & psychologist in the study of road user behavior among young people and advocating  behavior change to youth pedestrians including teen driving behavior, the dangers of using drugs and alcohol consumption visit official facebook fun page,

2007 to Date associate Director at the Program humanity for orphans widow initiative in Kenya (HOYWIK Programs) Volunteer 2008 to Date Project manager at the Handweavers Guild of East Africa, mentoring traumatized traffic affected victims and widows to overcome their dreams through hand weaving and spinning projects in support of the Bumble bee creative enterprise in Australia since 2009.Currently he’s proud supporter of unity and Diversity in African communities.

He has led & contributed to numerous research evaluating driver training, fleet and Road safety education in schools, advanced methods for drivers, and research to understand the needs of young people to save lives.

In 2010-2012 he was the lead author of an international evidence review of best practice for young drivers in Qatar and Central Asia. Mutashi work has been widely advocating for road safety for unity and diversity in Kenya, rest Africa, in 2013-2014 Central Asia & UAE road safety initiative, he has presented at various international awareness workshop and conferences. Mutashi has also served as a collision investigator attending crash scenes and providing psychological input to emergency crash respond, He has also worked for the UK Government, Department of State, and international Traffic police/forces. Beside the daily activities, he’s passion is visiting children’s homes and mentoring with them with different skills including playing  football to encourage youth for future generation.

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