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From a scientific viewpoint, it is well-known that all living beings originating from a common ancestry, will change in appearance over time. In other words, DNA will mutate – mainly in order to adapt to new challenges and survive.

Over time, this leads to developing variations in species. Ultimately, they will be known as “others” to each other and although they have common ancestors, they’re different. This applies to just about all living beings.  

In the beginning, people were hunters and gatherers. They migrated in search of a better environment and an easier lifestyle. So migration is a natural part of being human. Over time, settling and adapting to new environments, new climates, new lifestyles, etc., and as DNA mutation began, appearance and everything else would be different compared to centuries earlier. Such changes has lead to noticeable differences between humanity.  

With time, this became the norm. However, due to a lack of knowledge people viewed each other as different types of humans, including enemies of each other. Sometimes without reason, if only to demonstrate their strength and insist on dominance in their territory.

Humans have followed this course all the way through time, even until now. But thanks to the advancement of science, and religions who were the gate-keepers of morals, ethics, knowledge, health etc., until such time as science arrived, we now have the knowledge and ability to share and see each other as equals. Paving the way for cooperation and respect towards each other as we inhabit the world, not merely tolerance, which is very different. Respect comes out of knowing each other, moving through tolerance, building trust and living as good neighbours. Simply stated, if there is a fire in the neighbourhood, it will affect everyone. 

To demonstrate an example of DNA mutating, below are articles about twin brothers. One is an astronaut and was in space for a year, while the other was on Earth. Upon his return to Earth, NASA scientists found that the DNA of the brother in space had been altered —with 7 per cent of his genes experiencing an “unexpected change”.  So it is a fact indeed that DNA is changing. 

Time Magazine: Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Space and Now His DNA Is Different From His Identical Twin’s 

News.com.au: Astronaut has different DNA from identical twin after returning from space 

Everyone can make friends and respect each other. This is the future. Our future with dialogue towards universal inclusive society. Universal brotherhood. The alternative is destruction, terror and the end of everything and everyone forever. 

So, where there is dialogue, there is peace. Where there is peace there is culture. Where there is culture, there is progress. It’s time to go together, towards the long, long, longing goal – Peace, Harmony, Progress, Respect…, Simply, Universal and Peaceful Brotherhood of Man on Earth.

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Posted 17 March 2023
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