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Every positive step, no matter how big or small, matters! What you can do matters!!


  • active or interested in promoting dialogue among people of different cultures in your community, and
  • concerned with improving the general welfare of communities.

Our members are predominantly non-governmental organizations and associations, private organizations and individuals.

As a member of UC – WORLD CIVIL SOCIETY, you can expect to:

  • Connect with like-minded people working in the field of intercultural understanding and building inclusive societies
  • Step further into leadership in your community
  • Find partners for joint-projects on a local and international level
  • Access leadership and development opportunities
  • Meet community leaders who represent different cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Raise the profile and the visibility of innovative local policy and practices onto the global scene
  • Gain opportunities to attend events organized by the UN Alliance of Civilizations and its partners and to participate in programs (annual Forum; regional and thematic programs; grants and competition; training…)
  • Contribute to fostering the impact of every culture on the development of mainstream society


  • Non-profit / Non-governmental organisations
  • Faith-spiritual-religious groups
  • Cultural and ethnic groups 
  • Diaspora organisations
  • Socially responsible private companies and corporations
  • Social and sports clubs
  • Community-based groups/associations
  • Peak bodies
  • National congress bodies
  • Civil society councils
  • Multicultural organisations
  • Community/national and various councils 
  • Individuals

UC World Civil Society serves as a link between the UN Alliance of Civilizations, its members (Focal Points), and grassroots community-based organizations. The initiative is guided by the Global Presidency and managed by Global Dialogue Foundation, Melbourne, Australia.

Disclaimer: Global Dialogue Foundation reserves the right to disassociate from activities of its members, for which it is unaware or has not been informed, at all times and based on any and all circumstances.

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