UC World Civil Society

UC World Civil Society is an autonomous and inclusive assembly of civil society organizations working together at the local, regional and global levels and in collaboration with the UN Alliance of Civilizations.

United Civilizations – World Civil Society

MISSION: to establish a “Planetary Citizen’s Assembly” that will organise communities into intercultural, inter-ethnic, inclusive, peaceful & sustainable societies.

VISION: a global inclusive society and culture of peace.


  • Trust and respect
  • Transformation and responsibility
  • Fairness and partnership


  • Commitment to diversity, peace, progress
  • Commitment to cultural rights, human rights and justice
  • Commitment to honesty, openness and accountability
  • Commitment and collaboration between the members at the Country level, the Countries on the Continental level, and the champions on the Global level
  • Commitment to Volunteerism
  • Commitment to socially responsible entrepreneurship


  • Strengthening the role of civil society organizations to promote intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and inclusion, at the grassroots level within their own countries and across them.
  • Improving relations within and between all cultural, ethnic and religious groups, including all minorities, majorities and migrants in the country, preventing persistent tensions and divides.
  • Supporting the efforts of the UN Alliance of Civilizations to close the gap between government institutions and civil society organizations.
  • Expanding the number of participating countries in UC World Civil Society and driving the development of intercultural actions at the grassroots level around the world. 
  • Creating opportunities for partnerships with socially responsible business in the private sector, encouraging entrepreneurship, mentoring with a focus on developing new employment opportunities in participating countries, and trading relations across the Diaspora.
  • Facilitating the exchange of information and best practices and building synergies between local civil society organizations with the UN Alliance of Civilizations and its partners.
  • Promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among local and global communities.
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