Colin McKinnon-Dodd

Director / Founder

Country: Australia

Organisation: Mia Mia Gallery

Colin is Mia Mia Gallery’s founder, as well as its principle artist, educator and curator.

Over the past 15 years, Colin has been a founding member of many Indigenous initiatives throughout Australia including the Aboriginal Actors Corporation, Wadamba Bic, One-Fire Dance Troope and the Aboriginal Arts Development Trust. In addition, he initiated a Community Theatre Diploma Course for Indigenous actors and production designers at the Victorian College of the Arts in response to television and theatrical agents request for more trained Indigenous actors.

Colin is a lecturer in cultural awareness, Indigenous art and education. He has delivered significant performance and visual arts exhibitions as part of the Indigenous component of over 44 festivals and events. He is also a visual artist having exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, Manningham Gallery, Narana Creations and at many group shows both private and public.

Colin has curated collections of significant Indigenous art works for TEAC and many other corporations, councils, shires and private collectors.

He liaises with Indigenous visual artists and the corporate and government sector in both advocacy and commercial transaction activities to achieve the best outcomes for his community. Many Aboriginal people who wish to participate more fully in the visual arts industry consider him their mentor.

Colin actively seeks out opportunities for Indigenous artists to exploit their own imagery on their own terms, enabling income streams that consolidate their longevity in the industry; one that will benefit the artists, their families and their communities.

Whilst setting up the Aboriginal Artists Development Trust, Colin was responsible for the introduction of the Lin Onus Award into the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards. The award was given out for an outstanding work by an Indigenous artist aged 30 years and under. Through Colin’s efforts The Peter Brock Foundation sponsored the award for two years and it became not only an integral part of the ceremony but it also acted as a testament to Lin Onus’ legacy.