Peter Mousaferiadis


Country: Australia

Organisation: Cultural Infusion

Since 1988, Peter has had an extensive career in the arts as a creative director, producer, artistic director, music director, composer and a champion of intercultural understanding. He has established himself as one of Australia’s leading cross cultural directors. Some memorable events include:

  • Producer/Director of the “Australian Christmas Show” in Jinan, China – 21st Dec 2013.
  • Producer/Director of the Interfaith Showcase “Colors of Ugnayan” United Religious South East Asia Conference in Manila, Philippines 10th November, 2013
  • Producer/Creative Director and Composer of the Australia Day Concert, 2004 to 2012.
  • Creative Director and Producer of countless ceremonies including the most recent being the Opening and Closing Ceremony for the UN World Model Games Conference March 2013 in Melbourne.
  • Artistic Director of the Red Earth Arts Festival, WA, 2012.
  • Creative Director of the arts and cultural program and concert “Towards Oneness” for the United Religious South East Asia Conference in KL, Malaysia, October 2011.
  • Creative Director/Producer of the “Beyond Difference” Concert in Manilla, Philippines, for the United Religious Initiative South East Asia Conference, Nov 27, 2010.
  • Producer/Creative Director of the Welcome Concert, Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the United Nations “Advance Global Health” conference, streamed to 250 million people worldwide, 2010.
  • Producer/Creative Director of the Parliament of World’s Religions Plenary Sessions including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Dec, 2009.
  • Creative Director of the Closing Ceremony & Cultural Extravaganza of the International Conference of Psychiatry in Melbourne, Dec, 2007.
  • Artistic Director of the Opening of the International Genetics Conference, also known as the “Olympics of Genetics”, 2003.
  • Artistic Director of the IDA Opening 2001
  • Creative Director and Producer of the National Harmony Day Parade at the Sydney Easter Show – March 21st 2005
  • Producer/Artistic Director of the launch of the first ever national simultaneous citizenship ceremony in Australia for DIMIA
  • Music Director/Conductor of the premier performance of Opera “1975” by Irini Vela – 2003
  • Artistic & Music Director of the 2005 Global Winter Music Fusion Festival of the City of Hume
  • Creative Director of the Sumnation Fusion for the City of Greater Dandenong – March 26, 2006
  • Producer and Artistic Director of the SBS Federation Square Opening Celebrations – 22 & 23 March 2003
  • Artistic Director and Producer of the 10th Anniversary Concert to celebrate the founding of the “Fred Hollows Foundation”.
  • Music Director and conductor of over 650 concerts.

November 2013 – In November 2013, Peter was presented with the HACCI (Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Award for Community Excellence. The award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual for serving the Community or the promotion of Hellenism via community or philanthropic organizations.

June 2013 – In June 2013, Peter was presented with the Cultural Revolution Award by the Punjab Government of Pakistan in recognition of 25 years’ of contribution to cultural diversity through arts and cultural programs. The award was presented by the Punjab Minister of Information and Culture at the 2013 Youth Cultural Festival. The Youth Cultural Festival is staged by the Youth Revolution Club which boasts more than 15,000 members and is staged in the City of Lahore. The award ceremony is presented in conjunction with UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilization), Government of Punjab (Pakistan) Information and Culture Department, Lahore Arts Council and the Goethe Institute.

May 2013 – Peter Mousaferiadis in a collaborative process with the team at Cultural Infusion developed the winning slogan for the United Nations “Do One thing for Diversity and Inclusion” campaign. The slogan Defeated We Fall, United We Stand, Diversified We Grow was launched at the

Opening of the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue by the UN High Representative H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser in Baku, Azerbaijan.

February 2013 – Peter Mousaferiadis’ Cultural Infusion was presented with a winning prize for the United Nations Alliance of Civilization’s Intercultural Innovation Award for the “Sound Infusion” project. The Intercultural Innovation Award is presented to organisations which have developed innovative and sustainable projects around the world that use novel and creative methods to encourage dialogue and cooperation among people from different cultural. As a winner, Cultural Infusion is granted membership to the “World Intercultural Facility for Innovation”.

June 2006 – Peter Mousaferiadis, Chairperson & Founder of Cultural Infusion and Director of the PAN Orama Group was honoured by Victoria University as a Faculty of Business and Law Legend. Peter was amongst ninety legends recognised by Victoria University for their active contribution over the lifetime of the Faculty of Business and Law.

December 2005 – Peter Mousaferiadis, Executive Director of PAN Event Entertainment (PAN), was presented with the Victorian Business Corporate Award for excellence in multicultural affairs, at Government House, Victoria. It was the culmination of more than a decade of hard work that began with the idea that entertainment and the arts were areas lacking appropriate and balanced representation of Australia’s cultural diversity. Peter Mousaferiadis saw the award as a validation of his mission to faithfully represent Australia’s multicultural identity by elevating the status of “world artists” from the periphery toward the mainstream.

Peter was delighted to accept the award on the company’s behalf. The award recognises “the inclusive practices and initiatives by a business that utilises and promotes Victoria’s multicultural advantage”– Mousaferiadis.

July 2000, Peter received the Award for Valuable Contribution to AGAPI Care Inc. AGAPI is an organisation that provides respite and support for children and adults of different abilities. This award was an acknowledgement of Peter’s contribution as a composer and cultural services that assisted and benefited AGAPI.

Board, Committee & Honorary Positions

2014 – selected as a member of the Music Council of Australia’s Education Advisory Group
2014 – selected as an Ambassador for the Australian Internet Governance Forum
2014 – elected to the Cultural Advisory Committee of IBSA – Innovation & Business Skills Australia
2013 – World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku, Azerbaijan (panel and speaker)
2013 –2014 UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilisations) WIFI (World Intercultural Facility for Innovation)
2014-2018 – elected Global Trustee of United Religious Initiative
2012 –2014 – Regional Leader Global Trustee At Large for United Religious Initiative South East Asia and Pacific Region.
2011-2013 – various Multicultural and Arts Panels including Groundswell, International Music Forum & World Music Colloquium at Macquarie University.
2011 – UNAOC, active participant and presenterin the Doha Pre-Forum.
2011 – UNAOC, IBIS (Integration Building Inclusive Societies) Organising Committee
2006 – Multicultural Arts Advisory Committee 2006
2006 – Melbourne Recital Centre invited to be on workshop committee
2005-2008 – Chair of Cultural Infusion. Current Director.
2003 – City of Hume invited to be on workshop committee
1997-2001 – Board member of the Footscray Community Arts Centre
1996-1998 – Goodwill Ambassador for Austcare “Australia’s Specialist Refugee Agency”

Cultural Infusion

In 2003, Peter established and founded a not for profit initiative called Cultural Infusion that is dedicated to creating intercultural contact for a positive change. Cultural Infusion is committed to building cultural harmony and wellbeing through a range of sustainable arts and engagement programs for schools, youth and communities. Sound Infusion an online program is the first program in the world

to blend music making and cultural awareness and has been recognized internationally for its contribution to building intercultural understanding by ANZIA (Australian New Zealand Internet Award), the United Nations and most recently was a winner in the National Australian and Regional Learning Impact Awards.

Cultural Infusion has also worked with international o r g a n i z a t i o n s to assist in the delivery of social cohesion outcomes as well as staging of events for clients including the United Nations, United Religious Initiative and the Parliament ofWorldReligions.

Cultural Infusion’s education program “Discovering Diversity” is delivered to an annual audience of more than 200,000 students annually.

Record Producer

1n 1997, Peter co-founded Mabuhay Records – (3 labels – FTNO, Roots and Mabuhay) primarily focused on providing an international platform for multicultural musicians. As the business flourished, over 20 CDs were produced in the space of 18 months! Some of these albums have been licensed to overseas companies and have been used in various TV programs and international documentaries. Two of the CDs became ‘CD of the month’ through a Scandinavian distributor. In 2000, Peter was invited to create a CD to launch the ‘Arts In A Multicultural Australia’ policy for the Australia Council.

(A range of CDs produced by Peter can be issued upon request).

Experience Conducting

The most energetic musical direction you will ever see made the opening night of this Australian operatic animal “1975”a sight to be seen.”Vanessa Paech from MAGNORMOUS.

Peter has been conducting since 1988. During this period he has conducted more than 60 music groups in more than 650 presentations, and has developed a passion for championing Australian and Eastern European musical works. From 1995 until 2000 Peter was the Artistic Director of the Orana Chamber Orchestra. He has conducted over 30 Australian and world premieres and recently conducted the premier performances of the Populist Opera “1975” by acclaimed composer Irini Vela in 2003.

From 1990 – 1994, Peter studied conducting in the Czech Republic, Italy and in the USA. In 2000, Peter was selected to take part in the ABC Symphony Australia’s Conductor Development Program under the distinguished Finnish conductor Jorma Panula as an active master class participant.

“Peter Mousaferiadis maintains the essential choral discipline equally skilfully, particularly during the acapella sections, one of the vocal highlights of the opera 1975”. – Helen Thomson, THE AGE.

In addition to his current position as Director of PAN International, some of Peter’s previous and ongoing commitments include:

  • Artistic Director, Conductor and Founder of the ‘Orana Chamber Orchestra’ 1995-2000
  • Music director of the Glen Eira City Choir 1997-2000
  • Music Director of the Hellenic Choir of Melbourne 1995-2002
  • Chorus Master of the ‘Aurora Australis Choir’, a mass choir of 300 singers. 1999.
  • Board member of the Footscray Community Arts Centre 1998-2002.
  • Music Director of ‘Canto Coro’, 2000-2013.
  • Music Director of the Greek Orthodox Community Children’s Choir Program, 2001-2008
  • Chorus Master of the Multicultural Choir, Footscray Community Arts Centre. 1996-2005.

Experience Composing

Peter has also established himself as a composer of lyric melodies. To date he has composed over 100 songs, including the popular oratorio “Snow in Brunswick”, a Mass for choir, piano and didgeridoo, arranged over 500 songs for choirs, and has set music to a documentary and composed for a national radiothon. His music is still receiving regular exposure both here and abroad.

He has composed the music for numerous events including the Opening of the SBS Federation Square Celebrations 2003, and the Voyages Concerts at the Australia Day Celebrations 2004 to 2006, Music Theatre Events conceived by Peter.

In 2009, Peter’s Mass for soloists, didgeridoo, choir and orchestra was featured in the Opening Ceremony of the Parliament of World Religions and was broadcast globally by the BBC.


“Since I have seen these beautiful pictures shown previous to the show, I am even more tempted to visit Australia soon! Wow, what a great feedback from so many Chinese people which – interesting – are now considering to visit Australia. Since we are serving Australian steaks, we no longer can get away with second quality meat!” Rene Tobler, general manager, Hotel Mercure Jinan Sunshine (2013)

“Over the course of my life I have had the privileged to enjoy a wide range of theatrical, dance, musical and cultural events throughout the world but the Concert you directed and produced was one of the very best. ……it was memorable for the seamless fusion of many different musical and dance styles cajoling co- operative performances from hundreds of different performers from dozens of disparate culturally diverse artists. ……………..I have been raving about the Voyages Concert to family and friends and have let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they missed one of the great nights of music and theatre that Melbourne has experienced”. Bruce CHartnett –Chair Australia Day Committee (2004-2012)

“Peter has been an outstanding collaborator, with a depth of knowledge that is hard to rival, in terms of local and national talent that exemplifies this country’s richness in world music, in cultural fusion and in the creation of exciting and uplifting sounds and spectacle”. Alison Fraser, Executive Director Australia Day (Victoria)

My thanks for what veterans of the Parliament movement are saying was the best plenary we’ve ever had, going back to the 1993 Parliament in Melbourne. What you did to capture the particularity, goodwill, blessings and performances of the various religious communities was masterful. The orchestra, chorus and music were magnificent. Your vision was realized for this, and everyone was moved. Dirk Ficca – CEO – Parliament of World Religions (2009

“Brilliant! Bloody Brilliant Peter! I am over the moon about the Melbourne Plenary ………professional, on message, engaging, never a dull moment and really good fun. Believe me praises will be sung far and wide.

A discovery: The more closely the CPWR ‘template’ was followed, the further toward disaster. You discarded it for the Melbourne Plenary and it was a total JOY.
Professor Emeritus Gary D Bouma FAICD – Monash University (2009)UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific PSI – Sociology

“Divided we fail ; United we stand ; Diversified we grow” : the powerful message of Peter Mousaferiadis from Australia, the winner of the slogan contest jointly organized by the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the Government of Azerbaijan, encapsulates perfectly the terms of the challenge of our modern societies. It also provides a useful compass to reach the objective of the Baku Forum and its message “ Living Together Peacefully in a Diverse World “.

H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, The UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations At The Opening Ceremony of The 2nd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue