Emilienne Alice Elong

Psychologist /Secretary

Country: Cameroon

Organisation: ADES (Association pour le Développement et l’Encadrement Sanitaire)

I’m Emilienne Alice Elong Kouoh likeable Cameroonian-Central Africa- living in Douala.

I am seasoned entrepreneur Psychologist practicing at the second region military hospital of Douala , Guidant counselor, BSc in private law, former delegate of women empowerment and family, Mentee at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, human rights educator, member of EQUITAS, OIDD, YALI network, Winner of weekly book prize and Award in “#Inspiring Women, Global online FiresideChat” Program of Alysia SILBERG UN women Empower Global Champion, PROPAM Administrator, cooperate that promotes Clamshells and fight poverty.

I love imparting knowledge for behavioral changes and help others attain their objectives. I fight for human rights, enjoy organizing and holding seminars, forums, family counselling, diverse individual therapies, workshops in order to help women speak out against gender-based violence and work in entrepreneurial ventures.

I equip myself with a lot of resources through reading, travelling and getting into contact with different cultural settings and exchange platforms.

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