Dr. N.S.Ravishankar

Rural Development / Youth Welfare

Country: India

Dr. N.S.Ravishankar holds 30yrs of versatile and all round experience in Banking, finance and administration. A deeply committed social worker, Dr. Ravishankar has been rendering selfless meritorious service in the field of rural development, youth welfare programmes and tribal development. He is known both nationally and internationally for his battle against the alarming onslaughts of Environment pollution and problems of tribal people. He has also played a leading role in social, cultural and educational fields and is actively associated with numerous social-cultural organisations in our country. A prolific writer, Dr. Ravishankar has written thought provoking articles in various prestigious news papers, magazines and periodicals on diverse subjects of topical interests. He has participated in numerous conferences and seminars, both national and international, where the papers presented by him promoted intellectual refinement and spiritual enlightenment, there by contributing to world peace.

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