Realino Nurza

Executive Director

Country: Indonesia

Organisation: Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD)

Realino earned bachelor degree on social Islam that focus on cross-culture communication study at Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic state University. His master degree was gained in integrated natural resources management under rural and regional development program at Andalas University in West Sumatra.

Since 2008, he held a responsibility as Executive Director of Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD) to actualize a vision of Establishing sustainable society and environment in Indonesia.
As practitioners and intellectual, he has various experiences in various projects such as Emergency response, disaster risk reduction and peace building at various national and International agencies in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. He also active now on consultant agency as team leader named Konsultan Pemberdayaan to share his development experience with commercial society and promote sustainable development as approach and perspective. In line with his focus, he involved as volunteer to empower youth student on development and social entrepreneurship. Promote young people and involve with social entrepreneur project that bring young people to prepare them self as businessman who oriented to sustainable development.