Prof. Dr. Mrs. Vlera Ejupi

South East European University

Country: Macedonia

Vlera holds a PhD of English Literature from SouthEast European University, where she works as a full time Professor. Mrs.Ejupi is a regular contributor to various Macedonian newspapers and journals. She has participated in numerous international conferences: “First Global International Conference-Europe Inside-Out. Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers”-in Euroacademia, Vienna, as a participant in panel discussions, but also as a co-author of the research paper “The Politicization Of Europe” and she is a member of Euroacademia; Second ASSE International Conference on British and American Studies, “Nation,Nationality, Nationhood: Whats in a nation”, with the research studyOnly me and my culture exist- ethnocentrism as an overcome cultural and political concept in intercultural communication, in Tirana, Albania; 30 International Conference on Psychology and the Arts, with the research paper “The struggle against Thanatos in the novelLady Chatterles Lover by D.H.Lawrence`”, at the University of Porto in Portugal. She has been involved in different research projects in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as trainings, seminars and workshops in different. Apart from her professional background, she is also interested in promoting social responsibility.