Prof. Dr. Qashif Bakiu

Professor – Political Science, Tetovo State University

Country: Macedonia

Prof. Dr. Qashif Bakiu holds a PhD of Political Science from Faculty of Low, Sofia University “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” Bulgaria, in the field of Political pluralism-Model of R. Macedonia. He has graduated from University of Sofia with a Master’s degree on Political Science, His Master Thesis was about Political Systems in Macedonia. He is a full time professor of Political Science at the Tetovo State University. His participation on different seminars and conferences, starting from Youth students movements till the civil society international conferences and forum have encouraged him in civil society sector in Macedonia. He has worked also as journalist, news editor in Macedonian national newspaper “Lajm”.
Mr.Bakiu is a co-founder of the Youth Balkan Forum – Sofia, Bulgaria, Founder of the NGO “The hand of Justice”-Skopje, Macedonia, Project manager of NGO “Tolerance”- Struga, Macedonia.