Svetlana Siljanoska

Minority Inclusion

Country: Macedonia

Ms. Svetlana holds a Master Degree in International Law from South East European University; her master thesis is focused on women rights. She holds a bachelor degree in Law studies at the Faculty of Law Sciences at South East European University. Over the past decade her work and focus are set in the civil society working for several NGOs and cooperation with many International Organizations, working successfully on Minority inclusion, Non- Violent and Peaceful Communication, Conflict Resolutions, Cultural Protection and Ethnic diversity, Youth Development and Leadership, Gender Equality.

Currently Ms. Svetlana is a team- member, project manager and project coordinator as well as representative of couple NGOs and also in the Institute for Environment and Health at South East European University. Within the Institute her work is dedicated on projects related to Energetic and also Environment protection. In her work resume stands one capital project which is construction of the Macedonian Airport, working in the top management. Ms. Sijlanoska, has also substantial number of certificates in additional education in the field of management and transformation of conflicts, international criminal law, European competition law and policy, international public law as well as English and Albanian Language. She has obtained numerous of trainings among which monitoring of expending public budget resources and protection of personal data in combating money laundering. Ms. Svetlana was engaged as representative in conferences and assemblies such as annual assemblies of youth coalitions, conferences for national volunteer strategies, law regulation changes, labor market analysis, energy efficiency (Organized by Governmental Bodies as well as International Organizations: OSCE, UN, EU, USAID, FOOM). She is also a member Macedonian National Youth Council. In addition to her work as representative she enrolled several networking meetings and strategy planning activities.

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