Prince Goodluck Obi

President/CEO and Project Manager

Country: Nigeria

Organisation: Global Alert For Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP) and United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria (UNOY)

Prince Good luck Obi is the founder and President Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged(GADYLP)as well as the President of a Youth network known as United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria(UNOY).

Through the track record of Prince Obi both NGOs had Observer Status with UNFCCC as well as Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC.

Prince Obi has initiated regular tree planting among the youths as a means of reducing the effect of climate change. He formed UNOY Green Club which is responsible for planting and nurturing the trees to maturity. He formed and sustained Climate Change Clubs in Primary and Secondary Schools in Lagos,Nigeria.The members of this club plant trees periodically and step down the training on the importance of tree planting as they were taught by Prince Obi and his working team.

Prince Goodluck Obi had his first degree B.A.(Hons) from the first University in Nigeria,the University of Ibadan.After that he had various Post Graduate Qualifications in various fields of human endeavour including but not limited to Human Rights,HIV/AIDS,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Volunteerism,Social Work,Humanitarianism etc.

Prince Obi has been a Speaker in the following fields at one time or the other Thus:Climate Change,Peace and Conflict Resolution,Social Work and Volunteerism,Youth Development and Empowerment,HIV/AIDS,Public Health among others.

Through his hard work, he had three Honors Award during his National Youth Service Corps in 1993 in Kwara State,North Central of Nigeria. One of these Awards was the MOST OUTSTANDING CORPS MEMBER.

Through the track record of the NGO he founded (Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged) on Volunteerism. He was nominated by United Nations Volunteers Office in Bonn, Germany to coordinate the UN International Year of Volunteers in Nigeria. IYV 2001.A fter the official inauguration of IYV 2001 in Nigeria, he was elected as the Focal Point/Coordinator of IYV 2001 in Imo State.

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