Samer Makhlouf

Executive Director

Country: Palestine

Organisation: OneVoice Palestine

Samer is from the West Bank town of Jifna. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Birzeit University in Palestine and has extensive international training in fundraising and non-profit management, including a cultural exchange mentorship program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. In addition to his work with OneVoice, Samer has 10 years of experience in a broad range of non-profit and business organizations in Palestine. Prior to his post in OVP, Samer served as the head of Ramallah’s Al Kasaba Theater & Cinematheque Programs & Development Department. As a member of the Palestinian Council for Young Political Leaders, he has established a wide network of connection with Palestinian politicians, organizations, and institutes. Samer is also the President of the Jifna Youth Club and the leader/organizer of the Jifna’s Apricot Cultural Festival, one of the largest, most popular and well known festivals in Palestine.

Samer Makhlouf is currently holding the position of the Executive Director of OneVoice Palestine. In this position, Samer oversees the different programs and activities of the movement in Palestine, maintains the strong network of volunteers and activists, and works toward building a coalition of civil society organizations in support of the two-state solution. Through OneVoice, Samer has organized grassroots campaigns, training seminars, and discussion panels throughout the West Bank. He also regularly engages with elected leaders across the political spectrum—both national and local officials—through town hall meetings, which bring together leaders and Palestinian citizens to discuss the issues of the conflict. Under Samer’s leadership, OVP has grown to become the second largest youth movement in Palestine with over 500 core activists in all the governorates of the West Bank. Through OVP’s Youth Leadership Program, these activists are empowered to be young moderate political leaders capable of leading their communities in achieving a comprehensive peace agreement according to the international resolutions through the two-state solution.