Wajiha Haris

WCS Vice President – Children

Country: Romania

Organisation: Scheherazade Foundation


President and Founder
Scheherazade Foundation’s mission is to serve children from all backgrounds irrespective of their race, religion or gender through building enduring partnerships with the government, the corporate sector and civil society. Scheherazade endeavors to improve healthcare, promote life saving advancements and sponsor protection of children, and is of the belief that true success comes through sharing of ideas, aspirations, convictions, and problems.


UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR. Wajiha has implemented projects with significant impact in Pakistan, Dubai, Czech Republic and Romania (where she currently resides).

Projects successfully completed include raising € 3 million for the complete renovation of the largest children’s hospital in Romania, renovation of a children’s ambulatory section in the city of Constanta which serves a population of 45,000 children around the region. She also raised funds for the renovation and vocational training seminars of a facility that houses abandoned/abused and drug addicted children.